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    Read an in-depth interview with landscape designer and public artist Walter Hood, ASLA, on how to amplify black narratives in our landscapes.  

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    ASLA has elevated 19 members as ASLA Fellows for their exceptional contributions to the landscape architecture profession and society at large.

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      In Queens, New York, the next generation of waterfront park is here. Hunter's Point South by Thomas Balsley Associates and Weiss Manfredi shows how cities can transform their industrial waterfronts into healthy community magnets that will outlast any storm.

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      At Salem State University in Massachusetts, a new residence hall offered the perfect opportunity for WagnerHodgson Landscape Architect to improve the campus' ecological health. A courtyard and green roof absorb stormwater runoff, protecting the nearby marsh from pollution.

    • Memorials

      In Beirut, Lebanon, the scene of decades of violence, a new memorial by Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture honors Gebran Tueni, a journalist assassinated by a car bomb. Stones etched with his name are meant to be taken, as they are continuously replenished.

    • Reuse

      The Navy abandoned Philadelphia's Navy Yard in the mid-1990s but left a rich legacy of infrastructure and buildings that became the headquarters for Urban Outfitters. D.I.R.T. Studio salvaged left-over materials, reworking them into something boldly new.

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      Residential Design

      In Sagaponack, New York, the Atlantic Ocean is slowly encroaching due to climate change. To escape rising tides, a couple moved their house 400 feet inland. There, LaGuardia Landscape Architects recreated the historic coastal landscape of dunes and meadows.

    • Urban Revitalization

      Through an ambitious new plan, a multi-disciplinary team at Sasaki Associates is helping to revitalize TechTown, a knowledge district in midtown Detroit. The goal is to create a hub for innovation and collaboration through improvements to the public realm.

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      Caddo Parish, Louisiana, gets 5 to 6 feet of rain every year. Instead of flushing that water out into a ravine, Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects devised a beautiful system of rainwater harvesting and drainage that makes visible the movement of water through the landscape.

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      赛车引擎的问题_百度知道:2021-4-22 · 我用引自中国模拟赛车联合会里面的一篇帖子回答你吧,你看了伃后应该会有很大收获! 下面是引用的内容: "汽车的动力来自引擎,而引擎动力的产生是利用汽缸内油气的燃烧所产生的爆发力推动活塞而来,因此要获得良好的引擎性能就要从提高引擎的燃烧效率着手,从汽缸内油气燃烧的基本理论找出 ...

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      Green Roofs

      This green roof in Chicago not only cools the air and absorbs stormwater, but also produces 1,000 pounds of organic food annually. Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects designed this haven for the Gary Comer Youth Center to also be a learning environment.

    • Transportation

      In New Orleans, the 3-mile-long Lafitte Greenway, covering some 50 acres of barren land, will become a sustainable transportation corridor. Landscape architecture firm Design Workshop worked with the city government to fully envision a linear green park.

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      师资队伍 - USTC:加速器实验物理 非加速器 实验物理 唯象理论 粒子探测技术及应用 粒子束交叉应用 师资队伍 ... (Principle Author), “Energy dependence of acceptancecorrected dielectron excess mass spectrum at mid-rapidity in Au Au collisions at √sNN = 19.6 and 200 GeV ...



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        2022 ASLA Honor Award | Barangaroo Reserve

      • 銀河英雄傳說 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书:2021-6-9 · 概要 背景设定为人类生存圈扩展到全銀河系的未来时空。 由於財富帶來糜爛,人們對政治失去信心,漸漸疏於履行民主之義務,野心家趁機奪權,重回專制體制,建立「銀河帝國」。 不滿帝制的人民展開逃亡,成立自由行星同盟。从此兩國互相爭戰达150多年,加上夾在中間之强大经济体——獨立 ...

      • 2022 ASLA Honor Award | Lower Rainier Vista & Pedestrian Land Bridge

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        2022 ASLA Honor Award | Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park Phase II

      • 请问如何通过资产负债表分析对比两家银行 - Sogou:2021-10-27 · 通过资产负债表分析对比两家银行的方法:资产负债表对比,可伃从相对指标和绝对指标进行分析,其中:运用相对指标是进行财务质量分析比较;运用绝对指标进行经营规模分析比较。 绝对指标是计算相应指标差额,可伃说明经营规模大小差异。

      • 黄铜挂片腐蚀速率超标原因分析及对策 - 道客巴巴:2021-5-10 · 014年10月第37卷第5期缸舷LargeScaleNitrogenousFertilizerIndustryOct.014Vo1_37No.5黄铜挂片腐蚀速率超标原因分析及对策杨 …

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        ASLA 2018 Professional Jury and Introduction

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        Spotlight on Federal Advocacy

      • The Color of Landscape Architecture

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